Gong Sound Meditation



The Gong is one of the oldest ancient instruments dating back as early as 4,000 BC and even older in some ancient alchemical texts. The harmonising effect of the Gong is unique as it can quiet the mind and facilitate the release of emotional energetic blockages.


Sound vibration combined with chakra re-balancing is powerful, as our chakras are energy centres. They function like receivers and transformers and are directly responsible for our physical, emotional and spiritual health.





As listed on Leith’s website, the potential benefits of Gong Sound Meditation include:

  • Calmer and clearer thinking
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • More effective problem solving capabilities
  • Increased learning capacity
  • Increased workforce productivity
  • More creativity and innovative practices
  • Restores intrinsic state of balance and relaxation
  • Less workplace absenteeism
  • Reduces the risk of injury


My personal experience during Gong Sound Mediation? I loved it and I’m very keen to continue doing it! Although stilling the mind and body for me is difficult, the sounds are so relaxing I feel I can achieve a meditative state in less time and with less effort. Every muscle in my body was totally relaxed – I felt like I had melted into the floor. I had a great night’s sleep and was energised the following day.

Others fall asleep, even snore 🙂 during the hour, and that’s ok. My husband and sons have felt a physical response to the vibrations of the gong sound – mimicking waves up and down their legs.


We are delighted to host Leith James’ Gong Sound Meditations at FABulous Pilates and Yoga. Our next Gong Sound Mediation takes place Saturday 5th August, 5pm to 6pm; cost is $30 (bookings can be made online, over the phone or in the studio). We host the meditations on the first Saturday of every second month. It’s recommended you bring a mat if you have one (we have mats you can use) and dress comfortably. You may even want to bring your pillow!