Pilates Mat

Pilates Mat is a system of controlled exercises designed to condition the total body with an emphasis on strengthening and stabilizing the core. It is a wonderful blend of strength and mobility training that improves posture and creates long, lean muscles. Pilates Mat classes are designed to ensure no muscle group is overworked and to help your body work as an efficient, holistic system in sport and daily activity.

The principles of Mat and Reformer Pilates are very much the same. Pilates Mat classes can be a good introduction to Pilates as they allow you to focus on learning perfect technique and not be distracted by the added use of the Reformer.

Bring a mat and water bottle.

Pilates Reformer

Our Ab Fab Pilates Reformer studio is equipped with 12 high quality reformers. Our video workout system will guide you through each workout with a video demonstration of each exercise, along with suggestions for peak performance. There will always be an instructor on hand to guide you, encourage you and keep you safe.

A Pilates Reformer workout is an amazing experience! Put in the effort and each 45 minute session will be an intense workout. Equally you can tailor your workout to suit your fitness level or to cater for injuries or other limitations all under the guidance of your instructor. This flexibility ensures our Reformer Pilates classes are suitable for all strength and fitness levels.

A Pilates Reformer class is a whole body workout that is excellent for improving strength. A focus on your core provides you with the foundation for other forms of movement or sport by giving you the stability required to improve your technique and minimize the risk of injury. We recommend combining Reformer Pilates workouts with some of our Mat classes to get your ideal combination of strength, flexibility and relaxation.

If you are new to Pilates Reformer our introductory workshop will ensure you are familiar and comfortable with the equipment. Our workshop class is free so please book in and try it.


  • Socks – preferably grip socks, we do have some trendy ones for sale if you get stuck!
  • Drink bottle – filled with water of course.
  • Close fitting comfortable clothing. Boys!! If rugby/footie shorts are your ‘go to’ wardrobe choice for your workouts – please wear some skins underneath!
  • Arrive before the start of class so you don’t miss out on vital information.