Pregnancy Pilates

Staying in shape while pregnant can be a struggle, and for many mums-to-be group exercise can often be a stressful experience too.


The benefits for mum and baby of Pilates while pregnant?


Adapted For You

Firstly, Reformer Pilates is just so adaptable. As an expectant mother’s body grows and comfort levels change, our state-of-the-art Reformers can be adjusted in a myriad of ways in seconds.

This means that mums-to-be will always be working out at “their” peak level during the different stages of pregnancy.


Strengthening That Pelvic Floor


Maintain your pelvic floor strength with prenatal Pilates. A strong pelvic floor is vital for supporting the bladder and bowel and strengthening these muscles reduces the risk of incontinence during or after pregnancy.


Maintain body weight


To help keep a healthy body weight during pregnancy, a low impact fitness class that gets your heart rate up, like Pilates, is ideal.


Breathing Techniques


Learn focused breathing techniques and controlled breathing. Pilates workout for pregnancy shows you how to concentrate on your breathing and stay relaxed, wonderful for labour and reducing stress and anxiety.


Develop muscle tone


Stronger legs, arms and postural muscles all mean it is easier to avoid the body aches and pains during the final trimester of pregnancy, plus generally makes it easier to recover from labour.

Pilates exercises are targeted movements to improve your overall strength and prepare your body for baby’s arrival. In our pregnancy class we focus on strengthening your legs and butt as well as your upper body – ensuring you’re strong and fit for running around after a newborn and beyond.



Improve Your Posture


By focusing on spinal alignment, and improving back strength prenatal Pilates helps to prevent postnatal upper back pain.

Of course, if you have not taken any Pilates classes prior to your pregnancy it is smart to consult your treating doctor for advice before commencing any new exercise routine.

The fun and caring team at FABULOUS Pilates and Yoga are experienced with helping pregnant women stay fit and feeling fabulous at all stages of pregnancy. Our small and friendly groups make the ideal place for prenatal Pilates.

At FABULOUS Pilates and Yoga Newstead studio, our state-of-the-art Pilates Reformers can be completely individualised for each client, and each exercise.

Plus our expert team of Pilates instructors, like Marian, who is an accredited Pilates instructor, oversee our prenatal Pilates clients to ensure they get a safe workout.

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Look after your baby body by attending pregnancy fitness classes to build strength and improve your posture. Find out how prenatal Pilates exercises can benefit you.