Marian Morrison

I started group fitness instructing in 2000, prior to that I was a nurse. I loved nursing but keeping people fit and well is so much more rewarding than looking after them when they’re not. I started teaching the more aerobic classes, such as Body Pump and Step. Progressing to Pilates and yoga has been enlightening to me and a welcome relief to my body.

I believe yoga is for everyone and I am going to work hard to make my classes as inclusive as I can. Everyone gets the workout they want. Everyone feels comfortable enough to practice at their level and we all have fun.

I am so looking forward to working with Amanda and the team to bring you the ideal workout combination.

These are our team members … our studio family.  We’re really proud to present them to you.  They are people we’ve worked with for a good amount of time and we believe they bring expertise and integrity to our studio.  We believe we have the best Yin Yoga, Power Yoga, Hot Yoga and Pilates Reformer and Mat instructors in Brisbane. People who fit in with our relaxed friendly atmosphere. People who take their classes seriously, but not themselves.

Marian and Amanda

Ruthie McGrath

A spiel about me… hmmmm. I have been in the fitness industry for what seems a very very very long time. I have accomplished some amazing things during this time, too long to share. My greatest accomplishment was raising three wonderful children, and yes, I am now a gamma (nana) to four lovelies. Don’t worry I’m not ready to be put on the shelf just yet, in fact, I’m just getting started.

I look forward to adventuring with you at Fabulous.


Linda Richman

After many years as a trained ballet dancer in London, I progressed into the fashionable high energy, high impact aerobics back in the day! Over 30 years experience in the fitness industry. Qualified in Pilates Matwork & Reformer – I have a passion to help clients achieve their goals through Pilates.

Bec Gee

Bec first tried yoga over 15 years ago and enjoyed it … but was in no hurry to go back. Until, a few years later, she tried it again – it was love at first downdog! Bec comes from a fitness background, but now focuses purely on Yoga and Pilates as she believes these two mind-body experiences work really well together. Bec loves to smile, laugh and share that joy with others!

Krissi Elsley

Krissi was introduced to yoga as a young girl watching her mother do Uddiyana Bundha Kriya (detox exercise) each morning and was fascinated by this practice. At 18 she attended her first full yoga class and since then she’s had a love affair with this beautiful holistic practice. For 25 years Krissi has been an active participant of yoga on and off the mat, which naturally led to becoming a yoga teacher studying with Power Living Australia and training at the Sivananda Vedanta Ashram in India.

Krissi’s classes are well balanced to create challenge and relaxation. With 20 years experience as a remedial masseuse/healer, working alongside many health professionals (e.g. osteopaths and acupuncturists) she has gained an excellent understanding of the human body. Incorporating this knowledge and also drawing on years of personal meditation practice, the foundations for her teaching style were created.

For the last 5 years Krissi has been a full time Brisbane instructor, weaving traditional and modern philosophy into classes and workshops, and following her Dharma to assist people in reconnecting to their inner peace. She continues to share her joy and love of yoga whist offering an authentic heart centred practice.

Bryce Tunney

Basically, I am a Yogi. I practice yoga asana every day, and I try to practice yoga in my life. My passion and the focus of my teaching is Power Yoga, but I also practice and teach Yin Yoga, which I find to be an excellent balance to the dynamic Power style.

I joined the Army at 15. The lifestyle and physical training methods proved to be unsuited to my body (took 14 years to learn and accept that though) causing constant injuries and mounting health and wellbeing issues. Leaving the army to give myself time to recover and repair, I found that the new, less active lifestyle was causing its own problems – weight issues and loss of strength and endurance. I tried many different styles. until finally a friend dragged me kicking and screaming to a Yoga class, promising it would help with my back pain caused by sitting in front of a computer. At the start of that first class, the instructor told us to “rest” in downdog – I had sweat pouring off me, arms and legs shaking and unable to catch my breath, astounded at the concept of “resting” in this torture position.

Needless to say, I was hooked immediately.  I found that I didn’t like the softer styles of teaching, nor did I like the “hippy” talk from some teachers. I find the physical practise of yoga naturally leads to self inquiry, to this greater understanding of yourself, without the need to specifically chase those results.

Christina Hindmarsh

I’m so excited to be part of the Fabulous team! I have a ballet background and am qualified to teach Barre, Pilates and Reformer. I am passionate about helping people get strong, healthy and transform their bodies in a safe and fun environment. Really looking forward to being a part of your Fabulous experience!

Karen Uhlmann

Karen Uhlmann is a qualified freelance yoga teacher, and works at the Heart Foundation in Queensland as a Clinical Health Manager. Karen has 20 years experience as a clinical nurse specialising in cardiology, cardiac rehabilitation and in health promotion. Wellness is her passion both in her professional and personal pursuits.
Karen has a comprehensive knowledge and practice of yoga and that extends over 20 years. Her unique Vinyasa style is diligently connected to Ashtanga and Hartha yoga. Karen is also a devotee of Reformer Pilates and is inspired by the interplay between Pilates and Yoga. Outside of yoga Karen has spent a large part of her life competing in ocean swimming events and running marathons but these days prefers the non competitive nature of Yoga and Pilates.
Her main goal as a yoga teacher is to expose the holistic benefits yoga offers that ultimately improves self awareness; as change happens through greater self awareness.

Jacinta Holloway

I’m a bubbly yogi who loves being outdoors and making new friends (human or animal). I look forward to sharing an energetic power yoga practice with you. 

Elaine Young

What I love about Ashtanga yoga? I love the structure and routine of a daily practice. I love the repetition of the sequence and postures overtime which not only provides huge physical transformations and healing but allows for the practice of equanimity when on the mat. I love how physically challenging the sequence is, the mental challenges that arise because of the physical challenge and how there is room to back off when necessary. I love how the sequence requires a balance of both strength and flexibility. I love the simplicity of the directions and the no-fluff language, simply telling us what the posture is, when to breathe and where to look, making space for concentration, observation and meditation.  I have been teaching mind-body and mat-based pilates classes since early 2012, and reformer since 2014. What I love most about practicing and teaching yoga and pilates is the community of like-minded, real and down to earth people it brings together, because at the end of the day, any practice be it physical or otherwise, is about helping us become better versions of ourselves so we can enjoy our time here on this journey of life. I look forward to sharing this journey with you all and somehow contributing to making the journey a little more fun.

Sarah Joy Chapman

The transformation I have made in my own body through Pilates has been so astronomical that I decided to become a Pilates instructor!

Having previously worked in Community Services and Childcare my approach to fitness is motivated by building community, nurturing mental and physical health and leading by example.

I’m a qualified Personal Trainer, Reformer Pilates, Matwork Pilates, Boxilates and Boxing Instructor; and self-proclaimed food fashionista.

I wish for everyone who comes to Fabulous to experience the same fun, friendly and life changing journey that I did.