Yoga Straps – Why you need one?

A yoga strap can transform your yoga practice.

At Fabulous Pilates and Yoga we are firm believers in using props in all of our yoga classes to help our clients reach their optimal performance, get the best from, and give the best to their bodies.


If you’re practicing at home and want to support the stretch or increase the challenge, add a sturdy strap to your yoga wardrobe. Your yoga practice can benefit in many ways by adding a strap:


  • Allows you to focus on the stretch without struggling to hold the pose
  • Resulting in a deeper stretch and improving your flexibility
  • Enables you to hold the pose for longer
  • Builds greater self-awareness – ‘limbs in space’
  • Aiding deep breathing while stretching – no distraction


A strap can help your yoga practice progress to the next level.


At Fabulous Pilates and Yoga our experienced yoga instructors know their props! Marian, Bec, Krissi, Jacinta, Bryce, Pascale, Leon and Karen can teach you how to use the strap to gain more ‘body benefits’ from your classes in the studio and at home.


We’re ordering some straps in – they should arrive by the end of this month. If you would like us to reserve you one please let us know.


Navy or lavender Straps – $15 each.